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Space is
the future

for communications
on Earth

Greater connectivity has the power to radically improve the way business is done in the hardest to reach places, and to change lives at scale.

With our innovative low Earth orbit satellite system, OneWeb goes further than anyone else to help businesses and communities access, manage, and scale better connectivity.

Discover how
Welcome to
our satellite constellation and
unparalleled low-latency network.
648 satellites
Orbiting at 1,200km
Travelling through space
at high speed.
Low-latency connectivity
from space for everyone.
Earth orbit speed
Earth orbit time
Orbits per day
See how we brought low Earth orbit (LEO)
connectivity to life

Delivering LEO connectivity
for new network solutions

Let us connect you

Discover when and where OneWeb’s network of Distribution Partners can offer you the connectivity that you and your customers need.

Let us show you

Track our fleet of satellites in orbit. See how they connect with our User Terminals from different locations. Experience OneWeb’s performance.  We host Service Demo events online, on tour, and onsite, so partners can explore and test the network.

Keep up to speed
with OneWeb

Join us.
Be part of the future for connectivity on Earth. 

Our mission is to remove the barriers to connectivity by being a leader in space communications technology. If you share in our mission, we want to hear from you. 
Join OneWeb’s growing global connected community.

  • Become a Distribution Partner

    Become a Distribution Partner

    Our Distribution Partner onboarding programme, digital products, and services provide easier access than ever before to commercial-grade broadband connectivity.

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  • Work for us

    Work for us

    If you can inspire and are inspired by what OneWeb is doing we want to hear from you. Learn more about the workstyle and career opportunities available at OneWeb.

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  • Become a supplier

    Become a supplier

    Work with OneWeb. We want to challenge and rethink satellite connectivity, develop new technologies, drive innovation, and grow new business opportunities around the world.

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