OneEarth is OneWeb’s sustainability framework to advance the responsible stewardship of space-based connectivity. Our future business is dependent on the natural world, a low-carbon economy, and efficient development cycles in satellite technology.

We want the next generation to be better connected than the last, and will play our part to mitigate climate effects and lessen greenhouse gas emissions.

Measuring our Impact
OneEarth is OneWeb’s sustainability framework

OneEarth is OneWeb’s
sustainability framework

OneWeb has a strong social purpose to improve the world’s access to information and help secure a more sustainable future. This includes optimizing the development cycles in low Earth orbit satellite technology, deploying the latest tools and frameworks to monitor and test application performance.

Sustainability Strategy


... to reduce OneWeb’s impact on the planet, reporting against industry ratings, standards and methodologies, including GHG and TCFD (Task Force for Climate Related Financial Disclosure)


... OneWeb’s strategic priorities with international agreements on climate change and UN Sustainable Development Goals as the space industry advances towards global, high-speed, low latency connectivity.


... industry-wide, with investors, mission partners, and distribution partners, to drive wider sustainability across the space and telecoms sectors.


... sustainability across our business culture, operations, and technology, for shared value and positive change for customers, employees, communities, and the environment.

Why does
OneEarth matter?

What is OneEarth?

OneWeb believes space is the future for communications on Earth. We see enormous potential in space for global connectivity and are committed to responsible practises, to reduce carbon emissions where possible, pursue Net Zero initiatives, and connect ideas for good, as low Earth orbit technology advances. #OneEarth sets the framework.

As a Working Group for The Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development, launched by the ITU and UNESCO, reported: "Recent technological advances and an explosion in capacity will enable satellite and high-altitude technologies to play a critical role in connecting the world’s four billion unconnected people and meeting the Sustainable Development Goals. Space-based connectivity can have a profound effect across various aspects of society, ranging from industry, health and education, to sustainability, e-government and facilitating the development of smart cities and societies.”

What is OneWeb doing to advance OneEarth?

In 2019, we embarked on our path towards Net Zero; a future where any greenhouse gases we produce are balanced by absorption.

We are committed to achieving this in a responsible manner: we do not want to simply “off-set” our impact but aim to reduce our emissions wherever possible. In 2021 we published our 2020 report which builds upon our inaugural baseline 2019 report.

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