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OneWeb is a global communications network powered by a constellation of 648 low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites. Headquartered in London, OneWeb enables high-speed, low latency connectivity for governments, businesses, and communities everywhere around the world.




Connecting ideas
for good

What will be the materials of tomorrow? What technologies will help simplify, again and again, the design, build, or operation of a satellite? Why not a wireless, connector-less satellite? OneWeb always welcomes engineering, science, and research professionals, creative talent, and subject matter experts from around the world who are ready to challenge and rethink satellite connectivity, drive innovation, and grow new business opportunities.

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  • Become a Distribution Partner

    Become a Distribution Partner

    Our Distribution Partner onboarding programme, digital products, and services provide easier access than ever before to commercial-grade broadband connectivity.

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  • Work for us

    Work for us

    If you can inspire and are inspired by what OneWeb is doing we want to hear from you. Learn more about the workstyle and career opportunities available at OneWeb.

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  • Become a supplier

    Become a supplier

    Work with OneWeb. We want to challenge and rethink satellite connectivity, develop new technologies, drive innovation, and grow our business opportunities around the world.

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Join us. Be part of the future
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Our mission is to remove the barriers to connectivity by being a leader in space communications technology. If you share in our mission, we want to hear from you. Join OneWeb’s growing global connected community.