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Reimagining connectivity for Aviation

For nearly a decade, in-flight connectivity service providers have been promising to deliver an airborne connectivity solution that will deliver a true broadband-in-the-sky experience. While service offerings have certainly evolved, inconsistent speeds, patchy coverage and cost prohibitive fees means that few operators or their passengers could say with any conviction that their inflight connectivity experience is anywhere near office-equivalent!

While the mission of OneWeb is to bring the promise of fast, affordable, and consistent connectivity to everyone, everywhere, our solutions have also been specifically tailored to the unique needs of the commercial, regional and business aviation markets.

We’re building a satellite communications network that will finally deliver the low-latency, high speed and globally accessible connectivity solution that aviation demands. We’ve already begun launching our initial operational fleet of 648 high-tech, high-performance Ku-Band satellites into low-earth orbit and we remain on mission to deliver aviation services by 2023.

Commercial Aviation

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Business Aviation

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