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OneWeb is a global communications network powered by a constellation of 650 low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites. Headquartered in London, OneWeb enables high-speed, low latency connectivity for governments, businesses, and communities everywhere around the world. OneWeb’s satellites, network of gateway stations, and range of User Terminals, provide affordable, fast, high bandwidth, low-latency communication services connected to the IOT future, and a pathway to 5G for everyone, everywhere.

In October 2020 OneWeb was acquired by UK Government and the Bharti Group (see Press Release) and has since welcomed leading satellite communications operator Eutelsat on board (see Press Releases (27 April 2021) (8 September 2021)), as well as additional investment from SoftBank and Hughes Network Group, a key technology partner.

OneWeb has secured global priority spectrum, has a range of LEO User Terminals in development, has a confirmed launch schedule to scale the constellation, and ground stations located worldwide, including Norway, Portugal, Alaska, Connecticut, Florida and more.

During 2022, OneWeb will continue to build its network and conduct demonstrations with key customers whilst extending existing commercial services and completing the roll-out of global coverage later in the year.

Connect with Purpose

OneWeb exists to remove the barriers to connectivity on Earth that hold economies and communities back. The digital divide no longer solely affects the 3.2billion people in the world who lack access to connectivity infrastructure. Everywhere, there are new divides emerging due to constraints on affordability, speed, and usage. Nearly half the world’s population cannot access the high-speed internet (min 30Mbps) that others rely on for simultaneous virtual communications at work, or for school.

OneWeb is not alone in driving this great connectivity roll-out. As a wholesale business, we work with governments and distributors to provide new access to enterprise-grade broadband connectivity everywhere. We want SMEs, which account for half of global employment, and communities to digitize so the next generation is better connected than the last, with greater opportunities.

Together with our distribution partners, OneWeb exists to deliver the connectivity that drives positive change at scale, for greater inclusion, quality of life, and prosperity everywhere.

“OneWeb has a strong social purpose to improve the world’s access to information. It has great talent, a compelling commercial opportunity, and is supported by committed and knowledgeable owners and investors.”

OneWeb CEO Neil Masterson

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The Management Team


Find out more about OneWeb’s global opportunities and our culture of people and customers first.

We are on a mission to remove barriers to connectivity on Earth by being a leader in space. Our identity is built on the commitment and core values shared by the people who work towards this goal: people whom we proudly refer to as OneWebbers.

We have a remarkable opportunity before us to reshape the way the world communicates. At OneWeb, we are bringing together the best talent to build a company that puts people and customers first.

If you love an exciting challenge and want to make a world of difference, get in touch!

Join us!

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