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Why OneWeb?

OneWeb is the world’s second biggest satellite operator. Thanks to world class, experienced investors, OneWeb is fully funded to complete the deployment of its first generation system by end of 2022.

As a global communications company powered from low Earth orbit (LEO), OneWeb is building an advanced satellite constellation to connect businesses, telecom, and governments with high speed, low-latency, internet connectivity. OneWeb represents the lowest-cost entry investment for any LEO opportunity.

LEO will completely change the current satellite landscape. Lower cost entry, lower on-going costs, and ever-increasing capacity will serve a connected world.

OneWeb has ITU priority on global spectrum use over other operators, who will have to co-ordinate their services. This represents a significant opportunity across large and growing markets featuring both fixed and mobility services for multiple new and existing use cases across B2B and B2G.

OneWeb brings secure, resilient connectivity, through a network of distribution partners, from pole to pole, across oceans and continents.

OneWeb is committed to the responsible use of Space and sustainable practices on Earth, to bridge the digital divide and to serve communities currently denied schooling, health and responsible government.

Our Investors

OneWeb’s Story

In 2020, OneWeb was acquired by the UK Government and Bharti Global and has since welcomed leading satellite communications operator Eutelsat on board, as well as additional investment from SoftBank, Hughes Network Group, and Hanwha. OneWeb was able to make significant progress thanks to supportive shareholders who have invested $2.7 billion of new equity into the business, enabling OneWeb to be fully-funded, with no debt.

In 2021, OneWeb focused on testing and scaling its constellation to launch first commercial network services by end of year. Our connectivity services are secure, enterprise grade, and offered through a business-to-business solution to markets including Enterprise, Government, and Mobility Markets such as Aviation and Maritime. The company has secured global priority spectrum, has a range of user terminals in development, and has installed ground stations in strategic locations around the world including Norway, Portugal, Alaska, Connecticut, Florida and more.

OneWeb demonstrations are underway and we are working collaboratively with distribution partners to increase the capacity, availability, and performance of their existing network solutions. Key customers and regional commercial services launched above the 50th parallel north in late 2021, and will roll out to global services by end of 2022. Connectivity is one of the greatest benefits a business or government can provide: from connectivity flows a better quality of life, ever expanding horizons, and greater access to prosperity.


“The last twelve months have been transformational for OneWeb and we are certainly ready for what is to come. We look forward to a future of growth, service, and delivery in an ever-more connected world. The investments we have made and the learnings we have picked up have built a strong foundation for a company that I believe belongs to the future.”

Sunil Bharti Mittal, Chairman

Financial Statements (March 2021)

OneWeb Financial Statements Background

Kwasi Kwarteng MP, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

"Each launch is yet another boost for OneWeb and their ambitious plans to connect people and businesses across the globe to fast and reliable broadband. Our support for OneWeb puts the UK at the forefront of the latest advances in space technology and demonstrates our commitment to grow Britain's competitive advantage in this field."

Sunil Bharti Mittal, Founder and Chairman of Bharti Enterprises

“Together with our UK Government partner, we recognise that OneWeb has valuable global spectrum with priority rights, and we benefit from $3.3bn invested to-date and from the satellites already in orbit, securing our usage rights. These are exciting times and the world now has a LEO alternative to work with. We look forward to partnering with those equally determined to enter this new Space Age. There is unmet demand around the globe for broadband connectivity and we intend to continue OneWeb's social mission. We will use our joint venture facility to drive down cost of service, opening new use cases for low latency broadband provision.”

Alok Sharma, President, 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26)

“This strategic investment demonstrates the Government's commitment to the UK's space sector in the long-term and our ambition to put Britain at the cutting edge of the latest advances in space technology. Access to our own global fleet of satellites has the potential to connect people worldwide, providing fast UK-backed broadband from the Shetlands to the Sahara and from Pole to Pole.”

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