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OneWeb is building an unparalleled end-to-end system that will supply broadband-style data speeds to every part of the world. Our network is in its final phase of deployment to meet this truly global technology challenge. During 2022, OneWeb will continue to build its network and conduct demonstrations with key customers whilst extending existing commercial services and completing global coverage later in the year.


How OneWeb's Constellation Works

Priority Spectrum

In August 2019, OneWeb met the requirements of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to successfully secure global priority spectrum rights (press release). To meet those requirements, OneWeb had to transmit at designated Ku-band and Ka-band frequencies via satellites in their correct orbit for more than 90 days.

The ITU’s rules give OneWeb more than 6Gz of spectrum. OneWeb’s secured priority is based upon the sequential order of ITU filings. Those who file later with the ITU must get the agreement of those who file earlier in coordination, to minimise any risk of interference.

“The harsh reality for anyone trying to make a real impact on global connectivity is that no matter how good your network is, success is not possible without the right spectrum. OneWeb has proved it can bring together all the elements required – in space, on the ground, and in between – to change the face of connectivity everywhere.” Ruth Pritchard-Kelly, satellite regulatory affairs expert and advisor to OneWeb

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User Terminals

We know that to bring connectivity to the entire world requires a new class of LEO User Terminal (UT) to connect you to the internet no matter where you are. We are following the same innovative engineering approach that we took with our satellites to test and bring the best UTs into our ecosystem. So far we have announced partnerships with leading providers Intellian and Satixfy. The technology behind our first LEO-only dual parabolic antennas integrates complex satellite communications technology into a simple UT design to meet specific needs for many different sectors including: small, medium and large enterprises; rural schools and communities; and major vertical sectors such as Maritime, Aviation, and Governments with mission critical applications. Our engineering teams are working closely together to develop advanced LEO products and find new, innovative and efficient ways to meet different market segments’ needs.

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Service Demonstration Centres

Onsite | Online | On Tour

OneWeb’s demo centres allow Distribution Partners to learn about OneWeb’s network performance, test their own connectivity needs, and experience how easy it is to integrate, manage, flex, and scale OneWeb connectivity with existing systems, or as a customized additional application.

Live Demos

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Cybersecurity is embedded within all of OneWeb’s technology and services, throughout its development life-cycle and into operational service and end of life functions. We align with internationally recognised standards in security and applicable compliance and regulatory fields. This guides and assures the continued security of our networks and infrastructure. We measure and manage existing and emerging threats to keep that alignment valid through active risk management wherever our global footprint may fall.

Our core security team works alongside our technology and service delivery subject matter experts to identify and manage cybersecurity risks. We employ a suite of monitoring and protective tools to look after the day-to-day technical security assurance around delivery of our services.

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OneWeb Satellites

OneWeb, together in partnership with Airbus Defence and Space, and OneWeb Satellites, is revolutionising the economics of space. Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites can be manufactured to order for OneWeb customers from our state-of-the-art facility located at Cape Canaveral, Florida. The plant is equipped to build up to two LEO satellites everyday, not only for OneWeb's launch program, but also to customers around the world.


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Ground Network

Launching satellites into orbit is just one part of OneWeb. We also have a highly skilled crew to fly them, located out of two Satellite Operations Centres (SOC), and a Ground Network Operations Centre (GNOC) to manage our ground stations. By end of 2022, OneWeb's ground network will be equipped to extend existing coverage in all northern latitudes, including the UK, Northern Europe, Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, and Arctic seas, to global coverage.

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Position Navigation and Timing (PNT)

OneWeb’s first generation system is being used to develop an innovative and accurate timing capability in a project with the UK-based space hub Satellite Applications Catapult that requires no satellite changes and minimal ground network modification. OneWeb intends to introduce PNT capabilities on subsequent generations of satellites, to complement existing services, and to provide additional global resilience for this critical infrastructure.

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