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OneWeb is a leading provider of space-based connectivity. We go further than anyone else to help businesses and communities achieve their potential. We host Service Demo events to show the low-latency, high-speed performance of our system, and provide current and potential Distribution Partners access to the network, to explore and test LEO connectivity.

Let us connect you

Discover when and where OneWeb’s network of Distribution Partners can offer you the connectivity that you and your customers need.

Let us show you

Track our fleet of satellites in low Earth orbit. See how they connect with User Terminals in different locations and hand-on to each other seamlessly each time they pass. Experience the OneWeb system. 

Experience OneWeb
for yourself

  • Service Demo online

    Service Demo online

    We host service demos online for current and prospective partners who are unable to attend one of our Service Demo experience centres or network testing facilities around the world in person, due to travel conditions or restrictions.

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  • Service Demo onsite

    Service Demo onsite

    There are currently five dedicated Service Demo experience centres: two in Europe and three in the U.S.A. OneWeb is expanding Service Demos throughout 2022 for potential partners around the world.

    Guided tour
  • Service Demo on tour

    Service Demo on tour

    OneWeb teams attend space and industry events around the world, and we always encourage potential partners to get in touch to discuss opportunities for Service Demo experiences that are most relevant to their connectivity needs.