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OneWeb welcomes engineering, science, and creative talent, research professionals, and subject matter experts from around the world to challenge and rethink satellite connectivity, drive innovation, and grow new business opportunities.

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Programme events

Programme events 

In 2021 OneWeb hosted our first Innovation Challenge and the response was extraordinary. In just six weeks, more than 300 Innovators from 19 countries took part. OneWeb announced five Innovation challengers and three academic Innovators to collaborate with us on future low Earth orbit satellite technology. 

In 2022 OneWeb will continue to host and sponsor innovation programme initiatives, work closely with technology partners on both fixed and mobility solutions, as well as the range and deployment of new generation technologies, OneWeb's GEN2 network, and Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) capabilities.

We work closely with other world leaders in the space sector, including in association with the European Space Agency with whom we have co-hosted Industry Days in 2021.  
"ESA strongly supports innovation in the space industry to enable Europe to succeed in highly competitive global markets. We are delighted to support OneWeb's initiative to identify innovative ideas and to bring them to reality. Investing in space improves life on Earth." Elodie Viau, Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications at the European Space Agency. 

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Innovation moves fast

Each year we invite everyone to take part in Innovation Challenges that compel people to rethink design and technology, as well as come up with better, sustainable ways to use space for communications. Innovation is constantly evolving. We are too. More opportunities are coming. So keep up to speed with OneWeb and be part of this exciting journey.

Innovation Challenge 2021 results

An innovation community open to everyone everywhere

  • Get up to speed

    Get up to speed

    OneWeb believes the technology developed by industries outside of the space sector has huge potential for satellite communications. We take pride in our collaborative approach to innovation.

  • Think small!

    Think small!

    We are offering Innovators the opportunity to redefine existing mindsets and materials in the design, production, orbit, flight and responsible de-orbiting of future satellites.

  • Be creative

    Be creative

    We expect Innovators to yield new ways of thinking, using knowledge applied freely to other areas in research and industry, to develop satellite connectivity responsibly, and sustainably.

  • A greener space

    A greener space

    Satellite constellations must keep pace with the rapid advance of smart, efficient technology on Earth if they are to fulfil a meaningful purpose and benefit everyone.

  • Safe progression

    Safe progression

    We have entered a critical phase in our understanding of space as a shared, natural resource, and how best we should use it for generations to come. 

  • The opportunity

    The opportunity

    Be an active part in the definition and execution of OneWeb’s satellite connectivity. You will join a trusted network of innovative men and women that want to help grow ideas.

Work with us

  • Become a Distribution Partner

    Become a Distribution Partner

    Our Distribution Partner onboarding programme and suite of digital products provide easier access than ever before to enterprise commercial-grade broadband connectivity.

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  • Work for us

    Work for us

    If you can inspire, and are inspired by what OneWeb is doing, we want to hear from you. Learn more about the workstyle and career opportunities available at OneWeb.

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  • Become a supplier

    Become a supplier

    Work with OneWeb to challenge and rethink satellite connectivity, drive innovation, and grow new business opportunities around the world.

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