OneWeb flies high at EBACE 

By Nick Maynard, Director, Mobility Marketing

Committed to delivering high-speed, low-latency and truly global connectivity to the business aviation community from 2024, OneWeb was delighted to return to the European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva (May 23-26), to announce two significant partnership agreements.

By announcing agreements with both Gogo Business Aviation and Satcom Direct, leaders of connectivity in business aviation, OneWeb has heralded a new era for inflight connectivity for private jet users.    

“Our agreements with Gogo Business Aviation and Satcom Direct represent a leap forward for business aviation connectivity” said Ben Griffin, VP Mobility at OneWeb. “By harnessing the power of our low Earth orbit (LEO) constellation and delivering robust, consistent and reliable connectivity to virtually all sizes of business jets, together we will be able to deliver an unmatched connectivity experience to an as yet unserved and underserved portion of the business aviation market.”  

At a briefing for customers and media in the EBACE theatre on 23 May, Sergio Aguirre, newly promoted Gogo president and COO, highlighted that 15 years ago Gogo did something “revolutionary in the North American market - we launched an air to ground system that for the first time made connectivity and the equipment not only small enough, but affordable enough to be installed on any size of aircraft. Now we are joining with partner OneWeb in the same vein – but we are going to do it globally.” 

There are approximately 14,000 business aircraft around the world that do not have an affordable broadband connectivity option. With antenna assemblies in development with Hughes Network Systems and with QEST respectively, both Gogo and Satcom Direct are targeting a terminal solution that will be suitable for installation on the fuselage of a wide range of business aircraft from super light jets and large turboprops to ultra-long-range jets - all operating on OneWeb’s high-speed, low-latency broadband global network.

How significant is this for the aviation community?  

Jason Sperry, Director of Business Aviation at OneWeb highlighted “OneWeb’s system is very different to existing satellite technologies and therefore requires a vastly different terminal technology. OneWeb’s service will be faster, with significantly lower latency; the equipment will be smaller, lighter and will cost less - which is why we are delighted to team with Gogo and Satcom Direct, and their technology partners." 

OneWeb is ushering in a service comparable with terrestrial broadband services, and game-changing latency of less than 100ms – up to ten times faster than geostationary satellites (GEOs).  


OneWeb Business Aviation brochure