OneWeb is revolutionising inflight connectivity across the aviation industry with a tailored, seamless, high-speed experience for commercial airlines, business jet operators and, ultimately, smaller general aviation and special operations aircraft.

No matter where you are, the passengers of today expect reliable connectivity throughout their journey. Tomorrow, airline passengers will demand it. Access to fast, reliable, always-on broadband can no longer be considered a brand differentiator. 

Bringing game-changing
connectivity to aviation

OneWeb delivers truly global, consistent, and game-changing inflight connectivity to the world’s commercial airlines, regional, and business jet operators. We enable operators of all sizes to connect their passengers, crew and aircraft, regardless of their business model and passenger demographic.

Our products, plans, and services help airlines to deliver a proactive and engaging inflight experience that will positively impact Net Promoter Score (NPS) and loyalty metrics. 

With access to critical data, including wind and weather updates, by facilitating crew applications and real-time telemetry, OneWeb will enable the world’s aircraft operators to implement their digitalisation and connected strategies with confidence, regardless of fleet size, location and network. 

Specialists in
in-flight connectivity

  • Commercial


    We know the digital generation is ready for departure. With performance comparable to terrestrial services, OneWeb will empower airlines to deliver a fully connected customer journey and lifestyle, with digitised added value services and new applications at every stage. We believe a connected passenger is an entertained, productive, and loyal passenger.  

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  • Business


    OneWeb means business - and nowhere is passenger connectivity as critical as in business aviation. Now more than ever VIP passengers expect to remain connected at all times – after all a business jet is a business tool. We design solutions for the unique needs of the business and general aviation sector that finally deliver on the promise of a seamless, consistent online experience in the sky.

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