Community Broadband

OneWeb works with governments and trusted Distribution Partners around the world so every community can access and enjoy the benefits of enterprise-grade broadband for people’s welfare, health, and education. Our mission is to lift the barriers to connectivity that hold economies and communities back. Close to three billion people are not connected to the internet due to constraints on infrastructure, affordability, speed, usage, and digital literacy.

World leading partners in User Terminal technology

  • Innovation & deployment

    Innovation & deployment

    We have teamed with leading partners around the world to design, manufacture, and deliver to partners a growing range of UTs for fixed and mobility hardware solutions.

    Their function, design, and modern technology work together to simplify the user experience for OneWeb connectivity through space. The size of antenna makes them easy to transport. Dimensions range from parabolic antennas measuring 73cm (29") in diameter and 77cm (30") tall inside a protective radome, to smaller electronically steered antennas (ESA) measuring 53cm (21”) wide and 18cm (7”) tall. Single parabolic antennas weigh less than 22kg. Compact ESAs weigh 9kg. Their design makes them simple to install, with a Customer Network eXchange (CNX) unit for power and data cables. Our antennas will operate in extreme temperatures, with optional heating mechanisms that allow UTs to perform down to -40 degree C. 

  • Range & design

    Range & design

    Low Earth orbit connectivity requires a new class of User Terminal (U.T.). The innovation lies in our essential ground technology and electronics, both for fixed and mobility solutions. 

    OneWeb works with global technology and solutions providers to deliver and deploy a growing range of cost-effective UTs designed for land, sea, and air.

    We take the same approach to engineering UTs that we take with our satellites, to meet key and future market-specific requirements for Carrier & Enterprise customers. Our UTs are already coming off the production line and we support partners with fulfilment services. The first have been shipped, delivered, and switched on for customers in Europe and the U.S.A.

  • Managing your UTs

    Managing your UTs

    OneWeb enables regular monitoring, updates, and maintenance of UTs using remote cloud-based and self-service digital products; we facilitate fast, technical assistance for higher priority issues.  

    OneWeb’s Device Hub equips partners with remote access to, and control of, their UTs, as well as the ability to view near real-time data using industry-leading technology, run firmware, and carry out diagnostic checks. This helps reduce the need and cost for in-person servicing. Service Hub provides DPs partners with access to product and service support, a knowledge base, and the ability to proactively monitor and resolve incidents.

    We also have a 24/7 Customer Technical Assistance Centre (CTAC) that connects partners to inhouse specialists for further assistance and troubleshooting. Account Hub handles contracts, quotes, and orders all in one secure place, so DPs partners can further their understanding and better service a customer’s connectivity needs. 

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