OneWeb combines extensive satellite access and expansive terrestrial capacity to deliver best-fit, reliable, and interoperable solutions for governments and agencies around the world. 

OneWeb serves all departments, including armed forces, peacekeeping, emergency responders, intelligence and security agencies, providing end-users with game-changing levels in connectivity where and when it matters most.

Cyber resilient, low latency
global coverage

  • Ground


    OneWeb’s resilient voice and data connectivity gives land forces stronger tactical advantage, even in the most complex and contested of operating environments. Real-time connectivity is assured in the face of well-equipped adversaries capable of disrupting, degrading, and intercepting communications. Small, rugged, and lightweight User Terminals can be carried on the person or integrated on board crewed / uncrewed ground vehicles to support command, control, and communications systems, cyber intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance requirements of mounted and dismounted units, both large and small.

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  • Air


    Government has access to game-changing levels in secure airborne connectivity for fixed-wing, rotary-wing and uncrewed aerial systems. Platforms will be equipped with customised OneWeb low Earth orbit User Terminals to provide pilots and crew with low latency and high throughput connectivity. Our services will allow them to optimize multi-domain C2 and Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT), even in the most contested operating environments.

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  • Sea


    OneWeb enables tactical through strategic connectivity at sea for every kind of maritime task force operating anywhere around the world, assuring inter- and intra-fleet communications in the most isolated and contested environments with secure, low latency, and high throughput connectivity. Reduced form factor User Terminals onboard frigates, destroyers and aircraft carriers, fast inland attack craft, and even uncrewed surface vessels, provide real-time C2 and improved decision-making.

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Low-SWaP range
of User Terminals

  • Range & design

    Range & design

    LEO requires a new class of User Terminal (UT) for secure, multi-domain, near real-time connectivity. Reduced in size, weight and power specifications, with innovative ground technology.

    Small, rugged, lightweight, OneWeb is engineering UTs that can be carried on-the-person or integrated on board manned and unmanned tactical ground vehicles to support Communications, Command and Control. Their size makes them easy to transport; their design makes them simple to install. Dimensions range from parabolic antennas 73cm (29") in diameter and 77cm (30") tall inside a protective radome, to smaller electronically steered antennas (ESAs) 53cm (21”) wide and 18cm (7”) high. Single parabolic antennas weigh less than 22kg. Compact ESAs weigh 9kg. These antennas will operate in extreme temperatures, with optional heating mechanisms that allow UTs to perform down to -40 degree C. 

  • Innovation & deployment

    Innovation & deployment

    We have teamed with leading partners around the world to design, manufacture, and deliver to partners a growing range of UTs for fixed and mobility hardware solutions.

    OneWeb is working with technology and solutions providers to deliver low profile and cost-effective low Earth orbit (LEO) UTs for low latency and high-speed land, sea, and air connectivity. We follow the same approach to engineering UTs that we take with satellites, to meet key and future government sector-specific requirements. Our first UTs are easy to deploy and are coming off the production line. We support fulfilment services to get them shipped, delivered, and switched on. 

  • Managing your UTs

    Managing your UTs

    OneWeb enables regular monitoring, updates, and maintenance of UTs using cloud-based and self-service tools; we facilitate fast, technical assistance for high priority issues.  

    OneWeb’s Device Hub gives partners remote access to, and control of each UT, with the ability to view real-time data using industry-leading technology, run firmware, and carry out diagnostic checks. This helps reduce the need and cost for in-person servicing. Our Service Hub provides partners with access to product and service support, a knowledge base, and the ability to proactively monitor and resolve incidents. OneWeb's 24/7 Customer Technical Assistance Centre (CTAC) connects partners to our team of inhouse specialists for further assistance and troubleshooting.  

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