OneWeb’s global, high-speed network solutions deliver an enhanced Wi-Fi experience onboard with seamless, high performance connectivity and low latency for operational, guest, and crew communications.

We offer unique sets of throughput, with flexibility and a functionality that is simple to manage. Our weather-proof low earth orbit (LEO) antennas connect easily with OneWeb’s fleet of satellites overhead, serving connectivity to places that are hard to reach, including total Arctic capacity.

made easy

OneWeb has a range of flexible and reliable service plans that will transform ferry operations - whether it be streamlined vessel management applications or new connectivity services for passengers and crew. High capacity and high speed plans, allow operators to provide a high quality on board experience for customers.  

  • High capacity and high speed on board connectivity solutions.
  • Low latency enables cloud-based, latency-sensitive communication platforms to be used.
  • Flexible service plans enable ferry fleets to operate as an extension of the office.

A new class
of Maritime antenna

  • Range & design

    Range & design

    Our maritime UTs are manufactured to the highest standards, and designed specifically to meet the demands of the maritime industry. Our range of UTs are substantially lower cost than traditional satcom equipment.

    Our maritime UTs have a small footprint, and their size makes them easy to transport and install. This minimises disruptions during busy port calls with time-limited turn arounds. 
    Our maritime parabolic antennas range from 85cm (33") in diameter and 77cm (30") in height, down to 69cm (27”) in diameter and 55cm (22”) in height. These antennas are designed to operate down to -40degree C.

  • Innovation & deployment

    Innovation & deployment

    Our maritime UTs are designed and manufactured to meet the demands of the ferry and passenger vessel sectors. We have a cost-effective range of UTs to cater to the demands of our maritime partners.

    OneWeb partners with leading technology providers to deliver low Earth orbit (LEO) UTs that provide high-speed, low latency maritime connectivity. 
    Our UTs are designed to be cost effective, easy to install and meet the demanding market-specific requirements for the Ferry sector.

  • Managing your UT

    Managing your UT

    OneWeb maritime UTs can be monitored, updated and maintained using our cloud-based, self-service tools. This facilitates rapid technical assistance for high priority issues.

    OneWeb’s Device Hub provides partners with access to real-time data for each UT. Each UT can be accessed and controlled remotely, providing to rea-time data and diagnostics. This reduces response times, as well as in-person servicing costs. OneWeb's Service Hub allows partners to access product and service support, and to proactively monitor and resolve incidents. 
    Partners have access to our 24/7 Customer Technical Assistance Centre (CTAC), where OneWeb's technical specialists can provide further assistance and troubleshooting. OneWeb's Account Hub combines all quotes, orders and contracts in one place, allowing partners to serve their customers with ease.

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