OneWeb offers fishing fleets and vessels around the world a new level of connectivity to sail safer, fish more sustainably, and operate more successfully than before. Our multichannel solutions underpin data performance for crew welfare and entertainment, regulatory compliance, security, and operational communications.

Crews at sea benefit from a quality of service similar to the digital experience they enjoy at home, while OneWeb services at sea are also the first with exceptional capacity in the Arctic, so sensitive routes can be monitored.

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OneWeb offers flexible high-speed plans, with large data allowances to cater to the specific demands of the fishing industry. This will improve fishing vessel operations and improve crew welfare during long periods at sea in harsh environments.

•    Higher throughput and data capacity compared to traditional satellite connectivity options.
•     Low latency connectivity, enabling the use of cloud-based applications on board.
•     Flexible data plans that enable fishing fleets to communicate effectively with the office and fulfil their reporting obligations.


A new class of
Maritime antenna

  • Range & design

    Range & design

    Our marine parabolic antennas are designed and manufactured to withstand the harshest ocean environments. What’s more, they are also affordable - at a considerably lower cost compared to traditional satellite equipment.

    OneWeb’s antennas are smaller and lighter than traditional equipment, making them easy to transport and simple to install. 
    Our marine parabolic antennas range in size from 69cm (27”) diameter and 55cm (22”) tall, to 85cm (33") diameter and 77cm (30") tall, inside a protective radome. They are designed to operate in extreme temperatures, down to -40degree C.

  • Innovation & deployment

    Innovation & deployment

    We have partnered with leading manufacturers around the world to deliver a cost-effective range of UTs for maritime use.  
    OneWeb works with global technology providers to deliver innovative low Earth orbit (LEO) UTs, that provide low latency, high-speed connectivity to fishing vessels.

    To satisfy current and future market-specific requirements for the fishing industry, we design UTs using the same methodology that we do with our satellites. OneWeb has deployed UTs to some of the most remote regions of the globe, and we offer fulfilment services to our partners.

  • Managing your UTs

    Managing your UTs

    Using cloud-based, self-service tools, OneWeb offers frequent monitoring, upgrades, and maintenance of marine UTs; we also facilitate quick, technical support for high priority issues.

    With the use of industry-leading technology, OneWeb's Device Hub provides partners direct access to and control over each UT, allowing them to conduct firmware updates and perform diagnostic tests as well as monitor real-time data. This reduces the need and expense of physical servicing. Partners have access to service support and the capacity to proactively monitor and address problems thanks to Service Hub.
    For further help and troubleshooting, our Customer Technical Assistance Centre (CTAC) links partners with our own experts around-the-clock. To help partners better understand and meet a customer's connection needs, Account Hub manages contracts, proposals, and orders in one secure location.

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