OneWeb’s maritime services are enabling modern fleet management and transforming how vessels are connected at sea. Our next generation merchant solutions can raise performance, reduce costs, and track environmental impact on sustainability goals. We offer equal bandwidths across all channels, to accommodate both crew productivity and wellbeing.

Our terrestrial-like services at sea are the first with exceptional capacity in the Arctic, so sensitive routes can be monitored.

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OneWeb has developed flexible, scalable, and reliable connectivity plans that will transform how vessels are connected at sea. Enabling faster and larger data allowances, and innovation flows, that drive performance, supply chain, and economic, social and governance efficiencies with a key focus on improving crew welfare.

  • Greater capacity and higher throughput than alternative solutions today
  • Low latency that enhances and enables latency-sensitive applications and future-ready cloud solutions. 
  • Flexible high data plans enabling fleets to become a fully functional office

A new class of Maritime
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  • Range & design

    Range & design

    The robust parabolic structure of our maritime UTs is tried and tested. The innovation lies in our technology. Our most powerful units are still a fraction of the cost of traditional satcom equipment.

    The size of low earth orbit antennas that connect to the OneWeb network makes them easy to transport; and their design makes them simple to install, with a Customer Network eXchange (CNX) unit for power and data cables.

    Our parabolic antennas range in size from 85cm (33") in diameter and 77cm (30") tall inside a protective radome, down to 69cm (27”) and 55cm (22”) tall. Single antennas weigh less than 22kg. These antennas will operate in extreme temperatures, with optional heating mechanisms that allow UTs to perform down to -40degree C.

  • Innovation & deployment

    Innovation & deployment

    We have teamed with leading partners around the world to design, manufacture, and deliver a cost-effective and easy to install range of UTs to our maritime partners. 

    OneWeb works with leading technology and solutions providers with global operations to rethink satellite connectivity with low earth orbit (LEO) UTs that deliver low latency and high-speed connectivity at sea.

    We follow the same approach to engineering UTs that we take with our satellites, to meet key and future market-specific requirements for the Maritime sector. OneWeb has successfully deployed UTs to some of the world's most remote locations and we provide and support fulfilment services for our partners. 

  • Managing your UTs

    Managing your UTs

    OneWeb enables regular monitoring, updates, and maintenance of maritime UTs using cloud-based and self-service tools; we facilitate fast, technical assistance for high priority issues.  

    OneWeb’s Device Hub gives partners remote access to, and control of each UT, with the ability to view real-time data using industry-leading technology, run firmware, and carry out diagnostic checks. This helps reduce the need and cost for in-person servicing. Service Hub provides partners with access to product and service support, a knowledge base, and the ability to proactively monitor and resolve incidents.

    Our 24/7 Customer Technical Assistance Centre (CTAC) connects partners to our inhouse specialists for further assistance and troubleshooting. Account Hub handles contracts, quotes, and orders all in one secure place, so partners can further their understanding and better service a customer’s connectivity needs. 

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