About us

OneWeb exists to remove the barriers to connectivity that are holding economies and communities back. 

A digital divide persists, with three billion people around the world denied access to reliable terrestrial infrastructure. Going digital is a stepchange that divides many more, on the basis of affordability, speed, reliability, and digital literacy. Rural or hard to reach communities especially cannot access the broadband connectivity (min 25Mbps) that others rely on for interactive, simultaneous communications at work, at school, for health, or for home.

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Responsible Space
leaves no trace

Space is a global, shared, natural resource. It is up to all of us to protect it. OneWeb believes the space industry has a responsibility to work sustainably, and to advance causes that can positively impact and solve some of the world’s most challenging problems.
Responsible Space

Why OneWeb

OneWeb is backed by experienced investors and fully funded to complete the deployment of its first generation system in 2022. Their support puts us at the forefront of innovation in space technology as we grow our competitive advantage in this field.

Driving radical,
systemic change

“The single biggest challenge that humanity faces right now is climate change and I believe that space, if used responsibly, can be the catalyst and driver of systemic change as societies look to decarbonise their economies. The level of capability, passion, and commitment to this cause shared among the people I work with across the organisation, and with our partners, is profound.”

OneWeb CEO Neil Masterson


Join us. Be part of the future
for communications on Earth

Our mission is to remove barriers to connectivity by being a leader in space communications technology. If you share in our mission, we want to hear from you. Join OneWeb’s growing global connected community.

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    Become a Distribution Partner

    Our Distribution Partner onboarding programme, digital products, and services provide easier access than ever before to commercial-grade broadband connectivity.

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    Work for us

    If you can inspire, and are inspired by what OneWeb is doing, we want to hear from you. Learn more about the workstyle and career opportunities available at OneWeb.

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    Become a supplier

    Work with OneWeb. We want to challenge and rethink satellite connectivity, develop new technologies, drive innovation, and grow our business opportunities around the world.

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